In Colorado, Castle Rock Gets Open Carry

Our Colorado Law Shield members should applaud gun-rights voters in the town of Castle Rock who passed two referenda that strengthen gun rights.

After 10 days, a municipal judge finally certified the results of Castle Rock’s Aug. 19 special election, and “now that the results are final, the open carry of firearms is allowed in all town-owned facilities and parks,” the town said in a news release.

In the special election, Referendum A, which prohibits the town manager from banning the open carrying of firearms in public parks, passed by 50.8%.

Referendum B, which requires a town vote before local officials are allowed to alter gun laws in Castle Rock, passed by 71.2% of the vote.

A legal challenge to the election process filed in 18th Judicial Court still awaits a hearing date. In addition, the town council will discuss recount procedures at its Sept. 2 meeting.

The issue first came to a head in January, after the council voted 4-3 to ease the town’s open-carry restrictions, which had been in effect since 2003.

A group of citizens challenged the council decision by collecting signatures to place the measures on the ballot.

Our take: the good people of Castle Rock overruled a gun-hostile minority and now the townsfolk will enjoy easier carry rules as a result.

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