Member Saves Own Life Using First Aid for Gunshot Wounds Training

First Aid for Gunshot Wounds has truly proved to be life-saving. In his own words, read how one of our members was able to save his own life using the tools and techniques he learned at a live First Aid for Gunshot Wounds Seminar.

“Before attending the live course on First Aid for Gunshot Wounds certification, my first aid experience consisted of Band-Aids, aspirin and Neosporin. Just a few weeks after the seminar and receiving my Blowout Kit first aid toolbox, I incurred a massive arterial bleed with a puncture to my foot while kayaking in the backcountry by myself.

Thanks to the knowledge I gained in the seminar and having the proper first aid tools and supplies, I was able to clean and pack the wound with a hemostatic agent preventing further bleeding and stabilizing the foot. The injury was serious enough to nearly cost me my foot and brought with it several surgeries and months of intensive recovery.

I am convinced that the cost would have been much greater had I not possessed the basic tools and knowledge from the course.” Andrew B., TX

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