Minor Children Self-Defense Coverage

Leaving your child home alone for the first time can be daunting. You might worry that something bad may happen while you are away from the house. In this case, you may ask yourself, “What if someone tries to break in while my child is home alone?” or “Will my child understand the castle doctrine and know how to protect himself if anything were to happen?”

As a parent, there are certain situations that you anticipate happening in your child’s life, and unfortunately, some of these situations may pose a threat to your child, but it is important to prepare for them.

When it comes to family, you do whatever it takes to ensure your child is safe, but as a parent, have you done everything possible to protect them in the event of an emergency?

Our Add-on Coverage

Our Minor Children add-on coverage is essential if you are determined to protect your child.

Simply put, this add-on coverage entitles a child who is 17 and under to the same legal services and benefits in the event the minor child has any covered incident. They are, however, subject to the same limitations and exclusions as their parent(s).

If you have our basic core coverage, then you have already taken the necessary steps to protect yourself. However, it is important to consider your entire family and any potential situation that could occur in the future.

— Coverage for children 17 and under.

— One flat rate per month – whether you have one child or five, ensuring coverage for your entire family.

— Not only does our coverage include use of a firearm in self-defense situations but general self-defense situations, such as bullying, as well.

Protect What Matters Most

U.S. and Texas LawShield® gives not only you but your entire family the peace-of-mind coverage needed to protect yourselves no matter what.

So, the concerns you had about the above-mentioned hypothetical situations won’t be as frightening because your child will be prepared to handle most situations in the future.

And if your child is approaching their 18th birthday or getting ready to leave for college, it could be time for your child to establish their independence with their very own U.S. & Texas LawShield membership.

Get Behind the Shield

Our goal as the nation’s leading firearm self-defense program is to provide our members with the best in coverage, ensuring your family is protected in any self-defense situation.

It’s never too early to join the U.S. and Texas LawShield Family. Protect what matters most and contact us about our Minor Children add-on coverage.

One comment on “Minor Children Self-Defense Coverage

  • Arlie E Ellis says:

    My son learned gun safety at an early age .He walked behind me with an unloaded
    shotgun when we went dove hunting in September.and I pointed out to him
    mistakes that he was making as we walked in the fields ,crossing fences,climbing
    hills and going through brush and dense tree cover. He found out when I shot game, that it didn’t get up and fly away,it was dead, permanent. This made an
    impression on him at an early age of twelve. Respect all firearms but we all should
    know how to respect and safely use them. Education, Education, respect.


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