No Gun? What Are My Self-Defense Options?

No Gun? What Are My Self-Defense Options?

Watch U.S. LawShield of Florida Independent Program Attorney James Phillips break down the legality of using non-knife or non-firearm weapons for self-defense as he explains exactly what your CWFL encompasses.

3 comments on “No Gun? What Are My Self-Defense Options?

  • Manuel Gutierrez says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I walk in the mornings and I carry a heavy metal-tipped NRA self-defense pen that can also be used a a small baton to break the wrist or nose of an attacker. Is this covered?
    Florida US Law Shield member FL 104172

    • U.S. & Texas LawShield Admin says:

      Your U.S. LawShield membership includes coverage for use of any legal weapon you may use for self-defense (i.e., a bat, knife, pepper spray, your fists, a lamp, a pen, etc.)

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