Self-Defense With A Shovel

Self-Defense With a Shovel

Texas & U.S. LawShield member Tina took full advantage of her membership after she was forced to defend herself with the closest weapon she could find!

Member Ambassador Sherry Hale shares member Tina’s story.


“Arguments and disputes can sometimes lead to physical confrontations. Often when the police arrive, they don’t know who is to blame, and this is especially difficult when the dispute is among family members. Our member Tina had concerns her son was hanging out with the wrong crowd. She suspected they were doing drugs.”


“We were constantly arguing, and he just wouldn’t listen. It got to the point where he wasn’t doing any better, so I told him he needed to leave.

The next week, I contacted him and told him to come and get his stuff. I also told him not to bring his girlfriend or any of his friends. To make things easy, I put his stuff on the left side of the garage.

A few hours later, he arrived not only with his girlfriend, but her daughter as well. I watched as they entered my garage and began gathering things.

As they were about to leave, they suddenly began taking things that were not theirs.

We got into a heated argument about what belonged to who. Then the girlfriend and daughter both grabbed my arms and attacked me.

I was able to shake free and grabbed something that I could defend myself with. With shovel in hand, I watched as they rushed to their car and sped away.

Shortly after, police officers arrived at my house. They asked questions and took pictures of the injuries I had from the confrontation. Even though I was cooperative and answered all their questions, I was shocked when they arrested me and charged me with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”


“Upon being arrested, Tina called the US Law Shield Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline. Our Independent Program Attorney advised her not to make any more statements and was with her every step of the way for 6 months.

Fortunately, all charges were dropped and Tina’s case was ultimately dismissed. Make sure you know what to do if you are ever in a situation where you have been forced to defend yourself. No matter how you defend yourself, we’ve got you covered.”


17 comments on “Self-Defense With A Shovel

    • Manuel Gutierrez says:

      I agree 100%, Tina. When drugs are involved, no one is safe.
      Sadly, family members on drugs are very difficult to handle.

  • I’m glad you posted this review because I was under the impression that membership covered instances only when a firearm was used. I’m sure other members have felt the same. Thanks.

    Mike Garza

  • James Stewart says:

    I will soon move to Louisiana and hope that Texas Law Shield will expand so I will be able to maintain my membership. Any plans in that regard?

    • U.S. & Texas LawShield Admin says:

      Hi James! Thanks for your question. Our coverage is now available to residents of Louisianna. Please contact Member Services at (877) 448-6839 to update your information.

  • Dennis Chilton says:

    Personally I would have called the police just as soon as I saw that he was at the house.. call it a courtesy visit from officers just to make sure things stay peaceful. Or made arrangements for him to be at the house at a certain time so that officers could also be there. I know that we don’t want to get law enforcement involved in our personal issues but sometimes it’s the best thing to do to keep the peace..

  • Stephen Elam says:

    It’s comforting to know that if I have to defend myself or my family, Texas Law Shield will be by my side no matter what I use in my defense.
    We have been members for years and I have seen your program of coverage and education continue to expand.
    Thank you for being so progressive in taking care of your clients.

  • John Holloway says:

    Nice going, US&TLS! I dont blame her for defending her property and self, especially the way she did. So sad that her son allowed it to happen, it seems. Great outcome!

  • Wayne Dickerson says:

    Thank God for Texas Law Shield. I wouldn’t go one day without having coverage through you guys. I have been with Texas Law Shield for 6 years now and feel confident that these guys will have my back if I ever need them.

  • As a former police officer the best advice anyone can give you is do not make any statement
    No matter how nice the police or prosecuting attorney is their trying to get a conviction. Most don’t care if it’s you or the scumbag just as long as their stats look good.
    The small monthly fee will reap dividends if you every need it once. How much is your freedom worth?

  • When I see stories like this it often times makes me wonder, “why even bother trying to defend yourself anymore because people today are out of control and quick to place blame even if no blame is to be had. Then if you do defend yourself, the attacker gets off Scott free or wins the lawsuit when they were clearly in the wrong.”

  • Thanks. I appreciate you making it clear you are there to defend us when we have to defend ourselves. Use of weapons like firearms or knives is always the last consideration when deciding how to handle an assault. Sometimes a shovel is the best defense. Great story. Thanks.


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