Top 5 Gun Law Misconceptions Every Gun Owner Needs to Know – Oklahoma

The law is very broad, widely interpreted and often misunderstood. Don’t find yourself in a situation where misinterpretation causes you to go from singing Auld Lang Syne to Jailhouse Rock. Watch Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles share the top 5 self-defense laws most often misunderstood in Oklahoma.

2 comments on “Top 5 Gun Law Misconceptions Every Gun Owner Needs to Know – Oklahoma

  • BIG thank you to U.S. & Texas Law Shield! You go above and beyond to protect our American born Constitutional, 2nd Ammendment rights as citizens. The diligence you have given to educate and keep me (and ALL fellow carriers) up to date and informed is sincerely appreciated. Knowledge is power. Your organization has a very dedicated commitment to sharing critical information that will keep us safe, remaining within the bounds of the law, and still able to protect ourselves, our families, and those we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

    Your efforts of going way above and beyond are so sincerely appreciated!

  • John Jamison says:

    Excellent video. There are those that believe a gun can be used for intimidation purposes, prank or to defend property. DEFINITELY not so. Most of the gun laws could be considered common sense, but for some, that may be giving too much credit.

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