Top 5 Gun Law Misconceptions All Gun Owners Need to Know – Texas

The law is very broad, widely interpreted and often misunderstood. Don’t find yourself in a situation where misinterpretation causes you to go from singing Auld Lang Syne to Jailhouse Rock. Watch Independent Program Attorney Emily Taylor share the top 5 self-defense laws most often misunderstood in Texas.

15 comments on “Top 5 Gun Law Misconceptions All Gun Owners Need to Know – Texas

  • Tim Sullivan says:

    You can not use deadly force if someone is stealing your property during the daytime? What if they are stealing your livestock of pets and you are not able to physically stop them? Do you have to put your self in danger first or just let them have what they want?

  • It is my understanding that one may shoot a thief if he is caught in the act and fails to halt when ordered to do so. if memory serves me, this law was passed in the 70’s. If this is true, one may shoot a horse thief if these conditions are met.

  • Tim Ruggiero says:

    Number 5 was news to me. Someone is on my property stealing or attempting to steal property, and I’m just supposed to stand there and let them? Call 911 and hope the cops get here in time?

  • Lynn Moorhead says:

    On your 5th point, I thought there was justification to use deadly force even during the daytime if there is reasonable belief that your property would not be recoverable in any other way… or something to that effect.

  • Joe Glosson says:

    Your publications to us are invaluable. I appreciate these sort of updates and friendly reminders to keep up from doing something stupid. Thanks, Joe Glosson

  • robert patridge says:

    Nice video on Myths. I knew four but not all five. Question on shooting attacking dogs: Your video discussed that case when the dogs are on your property. But how about when walking in the park for exercise with your own dog on a lease when a vicious dog attacks your dog? In one example, that 100 pound dog attacks your poodle. In the other example, that poodle attacks your 100 pound dog? People have dogs in Texas, lots of them. And most pet owners are responsible., I doubt if we have trouble with that group. And a few per owners are nuts and want to own a vicious dog. That is the one I speak of while walking in the park with my dog on a leash. Thanks.


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